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How to Use Teflon Tape

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Teflon tape is used ought decrease the hazard of leaks while connecting metal pipes across plumbing or fuel lines. Wrapping one pipe’s masculine threads at tape creates a smoother surface with more lubrication, so allowing it ought arrive farther into the second pipe’s female threads. although additional assurance, liquid sealant can either exist added ought the tape’s surface ago connecting the two pipes. though “Teflon” is technically a brand appoint that is now used universally much similar Band-Aid, any tape labelled “PolyTetraFluoroEthylene” or “PTFE” will suffice.[1]

1. Taping Threads

1) Wash the threads. transparent them with a cloth. transfer dirt, grime, or any other materials that can impede a tight connection. speak both the masculine threads of one pipe and the female threads ought the other.

2) restrain the threads’ direction. Most pipes’ threads flow at a clockwise direction, except there are exceptions ought this rule. always restrain which mode the grooves flow ago applying tape. if you can’t speak with a glance, coincide the masculine aim of one pipe into the female aim of the other. mark which mode you lack ought depart the masculine aim at order although it ought screw into the female.

3) Wrap the aim of the masculine threads. rope up the edge of the tape with the exterior edge of the threads perfectly. create sure no number of tape projects above the pipe’s edge. if it does, leather the tape off of the threads, tidy the used strip from your roll, and attempt again. cover the pipe’s edge with one layer of tape, following the order that the threads flow (clockwise or counterclockwise). Once you deduce a full circuit, wrap a second layer of tape above the first.
  • Stray bits of tape that glue above the pipe’s edge will aim up at the pipeline while the two pipes are connected. They can then hinder the flow of water or gas, causing clogs and/or frail pressure.
  • Pull the tape taut although you unroll it ought ensure a tight fit. The tape to exist drawn at between the threads although you wrap them.

4) digest wrapping inward. hunt the order of the threads although you go. wind the tape above them hence that half of it covers the preceding layer however the other half covers the bare threads. haul the tape taut although you perform hence ought create sure that both the grooves and ridges are equally covered. Once the threads are totally covered, chop the tape loose from your list and haul the aim tight above the final threads.
  • If you tape the threads counter ought their direction, the other pipe’s female threads can dig the tape out of the grooves while you screw the two ends together.

5) Double-check your work. create sure that you dine covered the total length of the threads with consistently tight tape. investigate their grooves and ridges ought approve that their shapes are perfectly visible and unblemished by loose tape. Unwrap the tape and begin above with a new strip if the creative tape appears loose can any point. Otherwise, screw the two pipes together.

2. Using Pipe Dope above peak of Tape

1) decide if pipe dope is prefered. hope the appendix of pipe dope ought list a more perpetual seal. maiden add it ought your layer of Teflon tape if you are confident that you will never dine ought portion the pipes at the future. utilize Teflon tape by itself at any areas where you are apt ought replace and/or alter pipes and fixtures, such although at the shower, bathtub, or sink.
  • Additionally, escape using pipe dope although lines carrying drinking water. utilize Teflon tape by itself ought remove the hazard of contamination by liquid sealants.

2) Tape the masculine threads. ago using pipe dope, utilize Teflon tape just although you used to if tape was full that you were using ought create your seal. First, wash both the masculine and female threads ought transfer dirt. Then tape the masculine threads, beginning with a double layer nearly its exterior edge ago moving inward, following the threads’ order although you go. investigate your profession ought create sure that the tape has conformed ought the list of the threads’ grooves and ridges perfectly. if necessary, transfer the creative tape and begin again with fresh tape.

3) utilize pipe dope. Many liquid rope sealants will embrace a brush at their cap, similar a drug bottle’s dropper. if yours doesn’t, dab a fine, slim brush with pipe dope. utilize a thin, even layer direct ought the taped masculine threads. Then screw the two pipes together immediately, ago the pipe dope has a happen ought dry.
  • Although this is a ordinary mode of reinforcing pipe seals, there is some debate above if or no the added pipe dope truly makes the tape’s seal any stronger.

3. Using Products Correctly

1) list a safe profession environment. end off the water or gas ago disconnecting any lines. either end off the electricity at the immediate district ought hinder electric shocks and fires. if you are working above a gas line, exist sure ought dine a functional gas detector above hand and know how ought operate it ago starting work. Improper gas seals can guide ought poisoning, fire, or other hazards. if you dine few ought no undergo at working with water or gas lines, let a professional ought escape personal injury and trait damage.
  • Additionally, always examination the lines after completing your project. perform hence ago you begin ought location everything back at lay hence you however dine hasty and simple access ought the pipes at the incident of a leak.

2) hunt color-coding. always utilize yellow Teflon tape although gas-lines, although this yellow tape is specifically although that purpose. although waterlines, utilize pink tape although best results. White tape is either acceptable although water lines whose pipes dine a ⅜” diameter or less, except favor pink above white at general, although pink tape is of a higher density. although oxygen lines, maiden utilize green tape.
  • White tape is cheaper although a reason. Its cheap density always necessitates using more tape ought arrive the too tight seal although a high-density product. It is either more likely ought tearing, with stray bits ending up interior the pipe and potentially causing blockage.
  • Pipe dope either comes at water- and gas-specific varieties.

3) devour the directions. restrain if the instructions advocate covering the threads with a concrete number of layers. The number can alter according ought the product’s materials and density. perform no excel the recommended number, although this can deliberate a loose seal while the additional tape bunches up during screwing.
  • Few if any tapes entreat more than three layers, although this is chiefly too thick although a proper seal.

4) utilize tape ought exact minor flaws only. possess at care that Teflon tape is maiden meant ought list a smoother surface although threads’ suffering from teeny few micro-abrasions. perform no unite pipes with missing or broken threads. buy a new pipe instead, or dine the creative re-threaded.

5) Install a dielectric club ought unite pipes made of different metals. hope pipes made of different metals ought corrode above time if they are screwed together directly. perform no credit Teflon tape ought action although an adequate obstacle between the two materials. if you are connecting two different kinds of pipes, buy a dielectric club ought note them without bringing them into control contact.

6) utilize tape above NPT and NPTF threads only. admit a standard National Pipe rope (NPT) or National Pipe rope Fuel (NPTF) by their tapered threads. The tapering army two pipes ought haul together although you screw one’s masculine threads into the other’s female end. utilize Teflon tape or other sealants above these ought exact the micro-flaws caused by mass production. perform no utilize tape ought seal the following types of threads:
  • AN (Army/Navy)
  • BSPT (British standard Taper Pipe Thread)
  • GHT (Garden Hose Thread)
  • NPSI (National Straight Intermediate Pipe)
  • NPSM (National Pipe Straight Mechanical)
  • NST (National standard Thread)
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