OEM Design Colorful Multi Spectrum Hologram Labels,Authenticity multi spectrum hologram sticker,multi spectrum security labels

Protect against counterfeiting. Customizing the hologram image itself makes your security label much more difficult for a fraudster to copy. In addition to security, you get hologram stickers that have full holographic visual appeal. All hologram stickers

                                           Hologram Label , Hologram Sticker

SHANGHAI OKAY-PACKAGING CO.,LTD. is abel to provide hologram label,hologram sticker,holography is often used to protect products from counterfeits and to enhance their shelf appeal by making the entire packaging holographic in nature.Hologram label,hologram sticker used for anti-counterfeiting, anti-theft, anti-tamper and anti-piracy.



Our multi spectrum hologram labelsr is totally 4 layers: 1. Laminated layer 2. Vinyl layer 3. Glue layer 4. Backing paper. We print on the vinyl layer first, then laminate on the surface to protect the ink scratch. We can also use UV oil to laminate it.


Our multi spectrum hologram labels is fit for indoor or outdoor. If your environment is extreme,please tell us how many degree for the daytime. Our multi spectrum hologram labels sticker can applicate on car, motorcycle,furniture,board,bike,windows,and all other kind of products. Before you put on our sticker, please make sure the surface is flat and not curved surface,make sure the object surface is smooth, clean, no oil and no dusty.


Contents  Parameter
Material  0.12mm/0.16mm custom multi spectrum hologram labels
Size  Customized size multi spectrum hologram labels(Max. size is 60*100cm).decal stickers
Character  Water proof, UV resistant multi spectrum hologram labels
Usage  Apply on car body, car window, motocycle, bike, apparel and so on
Print  silk print or digital print
Color   Custom color or provide color#
Price terms   EXW


Hologram layer thickness

We use 0.03-0.05 mm hologram material, it's not easy to wrinkled.


We use soft flexible PVC material, it can still be quickly recover after folding it.


Fit for 10-40 degrees,maximum temperature less than 50 degree.0.16mm can be reach to 70degree.(If you have high temperature requirement,we can recommend high temperature material bear 90-100degree)

Use life

3-5years for indoor used and 2-3years for outdoor used. but we only provide one year warranty.


We have more than 10 years experience in printing stickers, from raw materials to quality control, we have more experiences.


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